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American Cancer Society Programs


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  • Provides support and guidance to patients and caregivers
  • Site-based navigators at four separate hospitals in North Texas
  • Support available by phone or in person

More than 2,800 North Texas patients, many whom are medically underserved, received Navigation support in 2014.


Cancer patients miss or forgo potentially life-saving treatments because they:

  • Cannot afford transportation
  • Are too ill to drive themselves to their treatments
  • Do not know anyone who can drive them.

American Cancer Society provides:

  • Daily rides
  • Bus passes
  • Taxi vouchers  

In 2014, we provided more than 9,091 rides to North Texas cancer patients.

The 2016 funding needs in North Texas for this program will exceed $150,000.


A general donation to Cattle Baron's Ball will benefit American Cancer Society-funded cancer research programs, many of which are here in North Texas.

Our 2015 presenters (pictured) and grant information:
  • Dr. Yonghao Yu is receiving a $792,00 grant for his study "Overcoming Rapamycin Resistance for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer" at UT Southwestern Medical Center through June of 2018.
  • Dr. Rene Galindo is receiving a $770,00 grant for his study "New Pathways Underlying Rhabdomyosarcoma Pathogenesis" through June 2017.
Also pictured: Amy Schisler, Senior Director at American Cancer Society

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