2018 Cattle Baron's Ball Advisory Board

Christy and Ben Abbott

Jenna Alexander

Lana and Barry Andrews

Tricia and Gil Besing

Lawrence Bock

Diane and Hal Brierley

Taine and Bob Carrozza

Dr. Harvey Carter

Angela Choquette

Gina Cook

Lisa and Clay Cooley

Barbara and Don Daseke

Anne Davidson

Doug Deason

Richard D. Eiseman Jr.

Claire and Dwight Emanuelson

Alison and Bob Farrow

Gail Corder Fischer

Heather and Todd Furniss

Brandie and Tim Gehan

Cami and John Goff

Simona Beal and Ryan Green

Julie and Ed Hawes

Matt Holmes

Kathleen and Scott Kirby

Kari and Troy Kloewer

Sabrina and Kevin Kuykendall

Dr. Joe LaManna

Melissa and Gregory LaMantia

Paige and David Lane

Muffin and John Lemak

I. Bobby Majumder

Dr. Richard and Marlene Marks

Natalie and Mike McGuire

Judy Duke Moon

Angela Nash

Nancy A. Nasher

Honey and Craig Owens

Carol Seay

Peggy and Carl Sewell

Connie and Marc Sigel

J. Ernest Sims

Dawn Weeks Spalding

Blake Stephenson

Amy Turner

Julie and Jim Turner

Janelle Walker

Jimmy Westcott

Lauryn Gayle and Tom W. White